24 Nov

Ubuntu Unity 11.10

Well I installed a trial copy of Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity.

God it really is shit. It's like a moron's interpretation of iOS on a
PC, crippling the hardware with all the ergonomics of a fridge being
used as a car.

It's slow, the interface doesn't seem to actually work properly, there
are no maximise/minimise/close buttons at all, and the launcher is a
pale nod towards the Mac dock.

I tried it at work and the PC just seized up, it is an old P4, but on my
4Gb Duo Core 2.66 at home, it's just about slow, on a good run.


I suppose I had better install Gnome Shell and see if Gnome 3 is any better or I'm going to have to seriously reconsider.

Maybe I'll just go Mac wholly, at least that works, and yes I know it drives Richard mad but as a non coder it's fine.

Xubuntu is still good (that's what I went to on the work PC), and Thunar is almost Nautilus.. just need to fix Dropbox issues.

What a crappy end to a once great friendship.

03 Aug

How to make Opera font rendering not suck

Original Post

The problem has been that certain fonts used by certain websites show up looking somewhat pixelated or granular-looking, unlike the smooth fonts other browsers will display for the same text. See the top headlines in the screenshot below to see what the problem looks like.

The problem seems to be that core X fonts are enabled in Linux Opera by default, and the solution is as easy as disabling them through opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableCoreXFonts (the "Save" button is at the very bottom of the page). Restart Opera, and you’re good to go.

Posted by Dynaflow

30 Jul

Restore GRUB

1. Pop in the Live CD, boot from it until you reach the desktop.
2. Open a terminal window or switch to a tty.
3. Type “grub”
4. Type “root (hd0,6)”, or whatever your harddisk + boot partition numbers are (my /boot is at /dev/sda7, which translates to hd0,6 for grub).
5. Type “setup (hd0)”, ot whatever your harddisk nr is.
6. Quit grub by typing “quit”.
7. Reboot.

I may be missing your point though, if so, please forgive me 🙂