21 Sep

Back Molars out

The two back molars that have been such a problem this year, for which I have had diagnoses from ‘grinding’, to ‘gum disease’ via ‘that impacted wisdom tooth looks suspicious’, are gone! After a summer of emergency visits to dentists, usually ending with ‘here’s some penicillin, when you get home, get them teeth out’.. they’re out.

I went with sedation, my needlephobia really doesn’t sit well with lots of needles and dentistry, so when a very kind dentist at Higgins & Winter agreed to come in on his morning off and extract them under sedation I dropped all other options and in I went with Ann as chaperone.

Went well, feeling so much better after all that.. now to decide if these are my new dentists, or should I find a practice closer than Ponteland.