19 Jul

DUSTY, the musical

Now I have a confession. I started to listen to Dusty Springfield when I had listened to death all of Duffy and needed to move on. My love of Soul made Dusty Springfield a great next step and over the last four years I have listened to all and every album she did. But I knew very little of her life.

So when I saw a musical was coming to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle I jumped at the chance.



Well.. I was in tears by the end.

This is an excellent musical, if you like soulful music and a witty book written by a writer who’s cut his teeth on Coronation Street, as well as a stunning portrayal by Katherine Kingsley, and good supporting work by Rufus Hound, then go see this.

PS: I have since read up a little on Dusty and the musical applies creative licence as to her  girlfriend, who in the musical is ‘Lois’ but in real life was fellow singer Norma Tanega. [Dusty had several other girlfriends and one tempestuous marriage to an American actress Teda Bracci.] For whatever reason, and perhaps since Norma is still alive, they have applied artistic licence there. Norma seems to be more of a folksinger to my ears, and she’s there on Spotify as well.]



10 May

Nice weekend

After a good Saturday’s gardening and a productive day looking at properties, Matthew surprised me by taking me to see Alabama 3 at the O2 Academy. Like some I have previously over-thought music, but as I get older I appreciate a good tight set of veteran musicians creating a wall of sound with a driving bass and an irresistible rhythm and that’s what Alabama 3 deliver everytime. With three very different front vocalists, a serious guitar and bass troupe, two drummers and a great keyboard player they can sweep an audience to their knees with tracks such as Hypo Full of Love, Mao Tse Tung Said (curiously delivered wearing a Mickey Mouse hat) and Woke Up This Morning. A good mix of new and old tracks.