19 Aug

Not so much Sleepless in Seattle

Lovely flight from UK to USA. Slept a lot. Was tired due to very early start. Now in a lounge at Seattle airport waiting for a connection to Calgary. This is going to have been a very long trip when it’s over!


Air Alaska to Calgary next..

18 Aug


Off on shuttle at 06:10 Sunday to Heathrow & then to Seattle. Turn around there and off to Calgary!!

Hooray for Club World.

11 Jul

NWG innovation festival, the England world cup exit, and Liminal occult

I am trying to update my blog more often.

Today I went to the Northumbrian Water group innovation festival at Newcastle Racecourse. My invitation had been quite confused and the joining instructions were extremely poor. The infrastructure provided: the tents; the food; the facilities; were excellent. Despite the chaos I think that the “sprint” that I was involved in about transport will come up with some interesting ideas for the main patrons of the event who are largely the utility providers in the north of England. They all run extensive fleets of vehicles from cars, vans, trucks through to heavy equipment. As such there are many different routes to sustainable transport that they need to follow. I made some good contacts and I believe that I will follow up with some of them. #GetNorth2018 #InnovationFestival18

I I have recently started watching football and enjoying it. Anyone who knows me well and though have astounding this is. I think the last time I was actually invested in a football match I was 9 so that would be about 1974. however I have got invested in this world cup and I was really sad to see England being beaten by Croatia. The score was tantalisingly in England’s favour for a very long time. I have promised to not pretend to know anything about football so I won’t say or comment on the result. I am just sad that football is not coming home on this occasion.

I also played an online game of Paul Mitchell’s new role playing game called Liminal. it’s a game based on those who exist on the boundaries between the magical world and the mundane world. So very much like the books of Ben Aaronovitch or Charles De Lint, and many others. it seems to be a very light system essentially a variant of The Traveller 2D6 Roll High system. As such a Fade Into the background very quickly and is easy to understand. the value of the game when it’s published will be in the very large amount of material and source books written by an awful lot of my gaming friends. I look forward to the novocastrian supplement from Neil Gow.