06 Nov

Cheese and OS X

I like goat’s cheese, but I had no idea how bloody strong the stink is. We got some Saturday for a risotto tonight and it’s stunk up the fridge no end. Ah well. Ann is trying some new recipes and Sunday’s was great and I am looking forward to the risotto so the smell should be worth it.

I’ve such a lot of love for Unix, my first online ISP was Unix based and now, as you know, I run Linux on 2 of my computers, XP on one (for Matt to play Guild Wars on) and my laptop is a Mac running OS X.

I have recently been looking under the bonnet of OS X and seeing just how it is Unix that lies beneath all the sexy Apple GUI. I have installed the Developer package from Apple (basically to get the optimised Gnu compilers for OS X) and even compiled some applications. I then did the same on m Linux boxes since increasingly I want to run the same apps on all my computers.

03 Nov

Tribe 8

I am excited! My mate gspearing is going to start running Tribe 8 from next Thursday in the Queen’s Head pub in town. We need a few more players so feel free to come along, we’ll be in the upper room. I have wanted to play this beautiful magical, post apocalyptic, religous, violent, role play tastic game for years. I can’t wait!

01 Nov


The new spin off series from Dr. Who, Torchwood, started a few weeks ago.
I watched all three episodes last night, they’ve
all amassed in my Sky Plus box. I felt in epsiode 1 that the TW crew
looked very amateur, that I was watching CBBC. In epsiode 2 I became
convinced I was watching CBBC but with sex, which is a very odd and
unpleasant feeling. I started to wonder why they always run
everywhere, and are always eating. Episode 3, I started to think it had
a stride to hit that didn’t involve endless running, so I shall watch
epsiode 4. Matt not greatly attracted, didn’t even suggest Ann watched
it. Ann and I then watched Vincent, the PI drama on ITV 3 and you can
see how weak TW is as a piece of TV. Forget the writng and acting for a
minute and compare the camerawork, lighting and direction that goes
into a Prime Suspect or a similar top bill drama. TW looks like a group
of cameramen from CBBC who can point a camera at a scene that they’ve
flooded with light and get a fresh faced simple capture that suits
Tracy Beaker or Grange Hill. Dr Who is the same, it’s playschool
cinematography. Now it can be fine, but I think TW could have done with
better lit and shot scenes, better directon and then the actors could
have relaxed into a darker mood. The running is a symptom I think of a
director who thinks he’s doing CBBC or a hyperactive Home and Away.

  • Capt. Jack, he’s ok, not as nuanced as he thinks he is, but ok.
  • Gwen is a star, she plays an ordinary Welsh girl with brains thrown
    into a very odd but exciting world, whilst squaring it with her bloke.

  • Owen, could grow into something good, twists and flails a bit but some depth there.
  • The Asian girl, ho and then ho and then hum. But we’ve seen such
    characters in other dramas emerge from the chrysalis in later episodes.

  • The Flunky, flunks well.

I just wish someone had told them this was a late night adult
series with some bite, and planned it cinematographically to suit. Have
I mentioned the music, the running music, always with the running..

29 Oct


Just finished Furnace a roleplaying con organised by my friend Graham, Newt, Darran and I. We got 40 odd people, people had a good time, the venue worked well (it was quiet, all the noise was deadened) and I think we have some lessons to learn but that another one next year is viable, but we need to build some bridges to NODDSOC, especially since the people who named the society and started most of the annual events were at Furnace and it’d be nice to builod bridge to the new generation(s).

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27 Oct

Worry Wart

I have an appt. on the 14th Nov to have my probable gall stones investigated. I am supposed to be in Germany for a project startmeeting. Follwing all my friend Bill’s trials I have decided I am going to the hospital, not Germany! I feel lousy and stupidly read the stomach cancer page on Wikipedia.

I am treasurer to the Furnace roleplaying convention at the weekend so all I have to do is watch out for badgers with machine guns, but it’s still making me nervous.

Image copyright Malcolm Douglas

27 Oct


Firefox 2.0 is here and it is frighteningly fast. I then downloaded SwiftFox 2.0, which is a version of the browser compiled for specific procesors, and the speed notched up a touch more. Only available for Linux, Swiftfox is awesome, if you use Windows or Mac OSX then just use normal FF2.0! There is a British English version for we UK Brit-cits.

The Furnace convention happens this weekend. I am in denial, just like my mate Graham!

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20 Oct


Ok. I hit rockbottom Thursday but I bounced. I worked until 10pm, I got on top of things. I worked through Friday and I am now finished for the week listening to Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah and browsing allofmp3.com. I love Scissor Sisters. Next weekend is the Furnace gaming conference that gspearing, newt and darransims organised. Moneys in, we break even, still have places left, feel free to sign up still.

Ann sold he car so we are now a single car family. Let’s see how it goes. In theory we should be ok. If we have a Nissan Micra in a few months you’ll know it didn’t.

19 Oct


Tired, grumpy, fed up, disillusioned, irritable, sick of this proposal, winding wife up, tired of working at home, not going out, staying in to grind my way through work, time to reconsider what I am doing with work and life. Urgh.

16 Oct

Ann at her Birthday Dinner

Ann at her Birthday Dinner
Originally uploaded by tzunder.

Here is my lovely wife at her recent birthday dinner with friends. She does look lovely in this picture and I like it and love her so.

Ok, enough mush. Very low light, used my new 50mm 1.4 lens on the EOS300d, still had to tweak the levels up (I used GIMP for a change) there was so little light.

Aaah, I loves her..