24 Jul

Pimms Bus at GuilFest 2006

Pimms Bus at GuilFest 2006
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The Pimms bus at GuilFest wasn’t terribly original but it was so incredibly RED! I have a fisheye version taken on the Lomo as well, I’ll post that as well. This was taken with a 1960s German Voigtlander CL, scale focusing, set the lens and speed with a lightmeter and then guesstimate distance and click away. The film is very saturated, but actually the light was so intense that in fact reality was pretty colour saturated that day!

21 Jul

Guilfest 2006

Had a great time at GuilFest2006 with Ann, Tree, Steve, Neil, Pam, Dave and Jackie. Highpoints for me were Hugh Cornwell, Gary Numan, the Stranglers and the Ukele Orchestra of Great Britain. Incredibly hot, my thermometer on my lightmeter recorded 36 degrees Celcius as we sat in the blistering sun. I wore SPF 50 cream all week. Some reviews here: Reviews of GuilFest 2006

My Guilfest photos are at: http://flickr.com/photos/tzunder/sets/72157594206690733/

I am working hard now on completing the Gwenthia pdf (www.gwenthia.org) for the Continuum convention next week. I have already had 500 postcards printed, I am doing some A3 prints now, and Loz and I hope to have the full pdf complete by midnight Sunday for reproduction.

30 Sep

Kaposvár: Hungary: 2005.

From the 28th to 30th September 2005 I attended a workshop on urban freight solutions in Kaposvár in Hungary. This is my work and I shall not discuss it here, rather my impressions of the town and the opportunities for seeing new places and meeting new people. This is the second time I have been to Hungary, the first time was a couple of years ago and was based wholly in Budapest. My wife and son came out after the workshop then and we had a local guide give us a tour of the city. My impressions were of a ‘little brother’ to Vienna, which I know a little. I was also dismayed by the generally rude attitude of the Budapest people to me as a visitor, although our guide was charming and my Hugarian colleagues are great, the tourist trade in Budapest seems to be surly and greedy. It may well be that this is very untypical, as I have said those Hungarians I work with are great, so maybe it is to do with tourism and strangers, but I won’t be going back to Budapest again in a hurry. Kaposvár was quite the opposite. A small to medium city near the very long thin Lake Balaton, the place burns with intense pride. The town has been beautifully laid out around a welcoming and attractive Kossuth square (webcam). The people were very friendly, the hotel staff tried hard and the whole visit exuded small town hospitality and charm. My pictures are at: http://flickr.com/photos/tzunder/sets/1116997/