04 Mar


Green Ronin are going to produce a systemless version of their sourcebook for the pirate city Freeport. http://www.greenronin.com/freeport

I am so excited about this. Freeport was the publication that got me running D&D after 20 years of disliking it greatly. It’s eclectic mix of Lovecraft and Moorcock in a D&D trope worked well for me and my group. Admittedly our 3 year experiment with D&D 3.0 convinced me it was not for me. So I couldn’t enjoy any more of the Freeport goodness. Now, a system free setting, hoorah! I like BRP type games, so a RuneQuest system book would be great, or even a licensed BRP one . I have also been very taken with True20, so I expect I shall be queing up to buy the systemless core book and running it with BRP or RQ or Savage Worlds (50Fathoms) and/buying the True20 book. Mind you a romantic Freeport may feel very different. Anyhow, to sign off, at the end of my Freeport the cultists went mad and ramapged through the city burning and killing. I ran a boardgame in which the PCs and their allies fought area by area to save the city. They did, but the city was 2/3rds destroyed by then. Thanks for this great city and for letting us have it system free. (WFRP version?)

I spent all of today and yesterday gardening, I have got into this lark!

10 Nov

Tribe 8 and Exalted

Played my first game of Exalted ever on Wednesday. Great, crunchy, lotsa dice, very epic, loved it. Created character for Tribe 8 with gspearing on Thursday night. Dark, apocalyptic, dystopian, and mystical. Really looking forward to it. Did some lecture writing today. It’s Matt’s 16th tomorrow, I hope he has a nice day paintballing.

03 Nov

Tribe 8

I am excited! My mate gspearing is going to start running Tribe 8 from next Thursday in the Queen’s Head pub in town. We need a few more players so feel free to come along, we’ll be in the upper room. I have wanted to play this beautiful magical, post apocalyptic, religous, violent, role play tastic game for years. I can’t wait!

29 Oct


Just finished Furnace a roleplaying con organised by my friend Graham, Newt, Darran and I. We got 40 odd people, people had a good time, the venue worked well (it was quiet, all the noise was deadened) and I think we have some lessons to learn but that another one next year is viable, but we need to build some bridges to NODDSOC, especially since the people who named the society and started most of the annual events were at Furnace and it’d be nice to builod bridge to the new generation(s).

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12 Jun


Well that was amusing. Tales of Symphonia is classic Japanese rpg, all the heroes are between 8 and 12, with an obligatory ‘elder brother’ character who may be as old as 18. After the heroes have cleared the temple of monsters and helped the Chosen One meet her angelic father (?) they meet their schoolmistress on the way out. She, of course, scolds them for skipping school, spanks one and when the other refuses to come over… drop kicks him into the wall! They’re tough in Japanese rpg fantasy land.. Matt and I laughed and laughed and laughed..

28 May

Deadlands Reloaded

Bought Deadlands Reloaded yesterday, been so productive and busy on domestic and parental duties that I haven’t read more than half a page so far! I am off to read and will report.