26 Feb

February and it’s PhD time

Bloody heck! February is almost over, 1/6th of a way thru 2017 and what have we done? Well.. I have been utterly buried in getting the process of wriiting up my PhD thesis planned and started. Since I am now deep up to my neck in research philosophies, methodologies and techniques, you can be pretty sure I am 1: started and 2: not at the nitty gritty bit. Fortunately the nitty gritty really happened and is well documented by myself and others, so I think by beginning of March I’ll be past the philosophy and into cataloguing actions and outcome which will be good. My self imposed deadline is end May.

I am rising, going straight to my desk, and working until 3-5pm dependent on when my brain or dry eyes give out. Then I am able to read emails, do any minor ICT fiddling, and then retire to the TV to watch zombie slasher SF fantasy action zero thinking TV, or idly daydream about just how great roleplaying will be when this is over. I am not reading novels, but since I can really only do this as a 9-5 job, since it’s a 4 month stretch, other distractions are okay, as long as they are shallow and superficial. Oh, and I don’t go to the University unless absolutely forced to do so, too many monkeys there..

So, the fact that Amy and Mike are expecting their first child and our third grandchild, might derail me a bit. Ann is knitting like a knitting fanatic and turning out lovely jumpers, hats, blankets and the like. I am rather delight she has also knitted me a truly great winter jumper for last Xmas, and is now knitting me a rather lovely spring/autumn blueberry one.

We have had a very mild winter and it continues to be so. I try to ignore the politics, it’d kill brain cells I need for the PhD.


25 Dec

Yuletide 2009

Here I am at my son and daughter-in-law’s house. We drove down in the morning in two cars (thanks Pam for lending me yours) so that we could fit the big new plasma TV into the back seat and surprise the heck out of them. It worked, they were quite literally speechless when they walked into their lounge and found a 42inch plasma and a new AV amp sitting there.

Hyun-Mi, her Mum and Ann did us proud with a great Christmas dinner, the venison was a great idea, and then Mike and I settled down to install the TV and amp. Several hours later and remarkably few harsh words later and a hi-def rendition of ‘Life’ was followed by a long session of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in HD. A success all round.

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25 Oct

20 Years Happy

JoFrom wedding

Ann and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary here at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. Why? Well this is where we came for our first honeymoon with Michael and Leesa. Why? Well we decided to get married on a Wednesday half term, having already planned to take the kids to see the Blackpool Illuminations at the weekend. We went to the Registry Office, got a special licence and were married on the Friday. Impetuous? Nous?

So.. 20 years have gone by, the Illuminations are much the same. Blackpool has probably decayed somewhat (they spent too long thinking a supercasino would save them) but the key parts are as fun and working class as they ever were. We’re staying at a 4 star hotel and not a B&B, but the wind is still fierce as you wait for the tram to take you down to the Pleasure Beach.

Tonight we saw “Forbidden” at the Globe Theatre at the Pleasure Beach. There is a little secret about shows there… they’re excellent. A dazzling mix of Dita von Tees style burlesque and impressive circus skills, it was entertainment at a West End standard.

The back to the hotel where Ann seems to have a surprise for me.. but that’s not something we need to blog right now..

PS: It was a new neck chain.. and follow the image link if you want to see our original wedding pictures!

12 Jun


Well that was amusing. Tales of Symphonia is classic Japanese rpg, all the heroes are between 8 and 12, with an obligatory ‘elder brother’ character who may be as old as 18. After the heroes have cleared the temple of monsters and helped the Chosen One meet her angelic father (?) they meet their schoolmistress on the way out. She, of course, scolds them for skipping school, spanks one and when the other refuses to come over… drop kicks him into the wall! They’re tough in Japanese rpg fantasy land.. Matt and I laughed and laughed and laughed..