03 Nov

Another day in 2017

We had a good game of Symbaroum last night, Thursday. Bit of a headache but sat down at iMac and ploughed on. Had a Telco at 2:30 I was nervous about but it went well. PNM invited me to be a project manager in a proposal. I sub edited 6&7, revised some graphics. In the evening we are going to see the new version of “Murder on the Orient Express” at Tyneside Cinema.
I feel old.

02 Nov

Chapter 8, the construction

I worked last on Chapter 8 some months ago, since I needed to replicate the SPSS work from Chapter 4 to compare and contrast. Now I am back, building the framework now I have documented the DMF work in Chaper 5, the BMC in Chapter 6 and the actual operation in Chapter 7. I know this makes no real sense to anyone but me, but in many ways it’s a record for me. I am very weary of this all now.
In recent months I have also completed (with others) a deliverable of note for NOVELOG.eu and also (with others) submitted a second stage EU proposal called dLogistics that will be evaluated by March 2018. I so very very very want that to succeed. The team is good, the proposal is good, the work would be highly interesting, and it would resolve so many funding issues. But it’s a lottery, and this is the fourth or fifth time in as many years that we have got to the final stage on a 33%/50% chance, and not succeeded. I have to be realistic and look to pursue other avenues.
I just need to get the ruddy PhD out of the way.
In other news, Mike and Amy and Ollie Bear have moved into their new home in Chester, and Matt has gone to live in Cambridge with Alaa and others. Ann is considering taking up amateur dramatics and we bought a lovely lovely red chair that I seem to have got away with making mine!

27 Oct

Hello Old Fiends

Been a while hasn’t it? Welll I am still here, plugging away at the PhD thesis, although many other tasks and reports and proposals have bumped into the way.
On the PhD front I am now at Chapter 8, maybe 33% finished, and I hope to have it nailed by mid November.
Then Chapter 9, Reflections, or as I like to think of it “Now I read it again, how would I have done it properly”..
Then Chapter 10, which in truth I hope will write itself.
I want a bound softcopy for the supervisors in their hands before the Christmas vacation..
Other things we/I did:
Went to Thailand for the International City Logistics Conference: freightandlogisticsnews.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-10th-international-conference-on.html
Went on a cruise to Norway and it was rainy: www.facebook.com/tom.zunder/media_set?set=a.10154918642471453&type=3
Seen my lovely grandson Ollie Bear less than I would like 🙁
Ann retired..
The CHARM project ended, and probably so did any further work with the EU.. 🙁
Shacon 2017 was great. Furnace 2017 was hohum for me.
BREXIT rumbles on like a senile blue colossus, whilst everyone with any sense just looks on, including me, sorry to say.
Ah well. No wonder I feel down..
But life is good, Ollie Bear is lovely, Matthew has come home and completed his Masters, and is living in Cambridge with Alaa and applying for graduate schemes. Ann is fit and healthy (well apart from her foot) and despite putting on kilos of weight, and grinding my teeth and suffering from rolling cluster headaches.. so am I…. am I?

28 May

Trees, trees, everywhere

I had a very bad night with awful acid reflux. I also badly and not for long. I had a terrible headache when I woke. Into work I went, and put in six or seven hours, probably working productively for four to five. I made slow progress on dwell times. I don’t​ know where I am going or what is there. Trees, trees everywhere, not a forest in sight.

I came home and am watching the Passengers film, it’s a bit slow and dreck.

27 May

Very useful YouTube videos for SPSS

Largely worked on dwell times in SPSS.

Ann has friends from Worcester for weekend so I am working in my Uni office!

In other news I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Frickin’ Awesome! Then snuck into see Alien: Covenant but it was so lame and same old same old, that I left half way through.. sad.

Large Number of Value Labels – Fast Way – SPSS

Select Cases: Dates and Times – SPSS

Tired now, going to rest my eyes with a hot eye mask and then read the DMG for a bit.

23 May

Back to the stats

Back to the stats, now 2015 compared to 2012.

It’s a chronological jump but it’s best to go back in whilst my mind is still working in the right stats frameworks.

Terrible news re Manchester.

LGVs at Newcastle Uni 2015 versus 2012

LGVs at Newcastle Uni 2015 versus 2012

Off to theatres tonight to see ‘Out of Order’, which is a farce, so probably ‘Oops Vicar are these your knickers?’

Well two-thirds through of Good Wife Series 4, and similar through The Americans Series 4.


17 May

End of V-Con

This will mean nothing to anyone but me a few others but today I attended the final V-Con project review that I have been the reviewer of for the last 4-5 years. It has been fascinating to see a project from the outside not the inside for a change, and it has also been very interesting to see a totally new approach to the public funding of innovative research (PCP).

The project was about developing a semantic based approach to maintain compliance between different ontologies in infrastructure building information modeling (BIM) and that was very interesting and successful, they have a working group for an ISO/CEN already.

I feel a little sad since I expect Brexit will diminish and prevent the roles I have had in the internationalisation of research and innovation, but it was great to see a project perform excellently and achieve impact.