02 Oct

jUplodr for flickr and Linux

I am slowly and steadily moving my work and home from Windows to Ubuntu Linux. I have found alternatives to many things, and today I found a programme to upload to my flickr account.

Providing you have the official Sun Java 1.50  then  jUploadr  is a great upload tool for Linux, Windows and OS X. If you are using Ubuntu then I think it’s wise to run Automatix to ensure you have the correct java, although I may be wrong about that. It’s frankly silly not to run Automatix on any new Ubuntu install, so do it anyway! Here’s some advice on how to install it on Ubuntu (and most Linux distros), it’s very very simple:
“Extract the .tar.gz to a folder.
Open Terminal, cd to the folder.
Type “./juploadr”
That’s it. Presuming your Java is good, then you’re set.
Now, that should be enough information for you to add it to the Alacarte menu as well.”

01 Oct

Drugs and Gallstones and Cultigens

Well. Something new every day. I’ve been reading about Salvia divinorum, also known as Diviner’s Sage, Magic Mint, or Ska MarĂ­a Pastora. I thought I knew of most drugs, then a ‘new’ but really ‘old’ comes along. Fascinating, especially the cultigen and the hybrid bit. I didn’t know banana was a cultigen either, but that’s from later browsing. I think my ‘funny turns’ that led to hospital are gallstones. All the symptoms fit plus the radiologist who did my ultra sound in Feb said Ihad some. What I don’t get is why I can work this out and they can’t,but what the hell. I have just had 4 hours of intense pain (I now haveTramadol, codeine, paracetomol on board) so I shall get to the docs on Monday. God I hope they sort it out!

I went to do some photography today, but couldn’t quite find the ‘ruined castle’ look I wanted. Got a few shots of Hardwick Hall but I had setup all my cameras wrong. The Hall was shut so we had a cream tea (which might have triggered this gall stone attack) which was nice. Ann has been sad a lot these last two months but today she was simply happy. Shame it ended with her having to look after me whilst I was in pain and being sick.

30 Sep

Life and Liberty

Ann and I went to see The Queen starring  Helen Mirren. It’s about the week around Princess Diana’s death, and is in fact as much about Tony Blair as the Queen, but it is her reaction and emotions that are the key.  Mirren is as brilliant as ever, but the whole cast is excellent.  This  film will run perfectly well on a Friday night on TV (it’s made by UK TV company Granada) but  it also is a good watch at the cinema. I am now looking forward to seeing The Black Dahlia. This is a noir adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel about two 1940s L.A. cops who head up the hunt for the killer of starlet Elizabeth Short. I also want to see Children of Men which a dystopian future film with Clive Owen.

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28 Sep


Originally uploaded by f8125.

I just love the complexity of shape and tone and colour in this picture. Lovely lovely lovely.

15 Sep

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

I am watching, have almost watched, Laputa: Castle in the Sky from Studio Ghibli. Like Kiki’s Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke this is a delightful and charming  animation.  I watched all  three on Film Four, now blissfully free if you can stand advertisments, which I can.

I’ve been getting back a good collection of medium format slides and negatives back from my feast of using the Fuji GA645zi. There’s nothing as great as a lovely MF slide, that you can hold up to the window and appreciate. With my scanner I can get some lovely and far too huge scans.

I also got back the roll of 120 6×6 that I put through the Zeiss Nettar I bought for 10 GBP in Shrewsbury. The results are quite soft, but that has a certain charm and I think I shall be shooting a few more rolls through the sweet folding bellows baby. Pics on flickr to follow.

Other than that I’m as cranky as hell.

04 Sep


I have recently watched two Studio Ghibli anime films on FilmFour and have revised my dismissive view. Princess Mononoke is simply the most sublime fantasy cartoon I have ever seen. Kiki’s Delivery Service is charming and captures the feel of France in the 50s. I have Laputa’s Castle In the Air stacked up to watch too.

One of my favourite anime films is Metropolis, the Japanese one..
This also captures a Belgian animation feel and despite it’s dystopian underworld and Elyssian above world, doesn’t feel at all like a cyber or steam punk genre film (which it isn’t).

I have a rather up and down experience with anime. I loved Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell and Akira, but there have been some very poor excuses for entertainment in between. It’s like a lot of niche genres, people get so excited that they lose all critical ability and recommend anything just because it’s Japanese and a cartoon for adults.

Which anime have you loved or hated?

28 Aug

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Just had a fun weekend with Steve and Tree at Shrewsbury Folk Festival. We didn’t like the fact that our campsite was a very long work from the festival site, we did like the town, we didn’t like the dreadful weather, we did like the New Rope String Band.

I went shopping and bought Ann some new miniature shoes to collect from a ‘vintage’ shop, and I bought a Zeiss Ikon Nettar from an antique shop for ten pounds, a result. Let’s see how the roll of film I put through it comes out!

08 Aug


The best classic camera I have (after my M4) is a Voigtlander CL that has stood me in gr8 stead and it cost so little I am not frightened to lose it, unlike my Leica!

It has delivered a goodly range of colour and black and white images and the scale focusing is no problem. I don’t use the meter but my own Gossen lightmeter. I have a small detachable rangefinder for it that I sometimes use.Pictures here: Flickr Voigtlander CL pics

07 Aug

Zorki 4k no way jose

Well I have now tried 2 Zorki 4s, a 4 and a 4K. One bought from a Ukrainian trader on ebay and one from a Camera Fair in the UK. Both are in the landfill! Crippling seizures, impossible to turn speed dials, film ripping antics and only about 4 pics on a roll of 36 worth even dismissing.

Still, this one came out ok, 4k with a 25mm Snapshot Skopar from Cosina Voigtlander.

01 Aug

Matt Zunder

Matt Zunder
Originally uploaded by tzunder.

Matt and I went to Continuum 2006 in Leicester. This is a full weekend roleplaying convention with table top and freeform (dress up) roleplaying. It was the first time I’ve taken Matt and he and his friend Louis had a great time. NCSoft were there with Guild Wars and so they spent quit a bit of time playing that (and getting given goodies) but they said “it was great fun, people were very friendly and the games were good, even if NCSoft hadn’t been there we would have enjoyed it.”

I played in Newt’s Mythic Russia game, a great game of Savage Worlds set in Darkest Africa, Steve Dempsey’s Cold City game set in 1950s Berlin (gr8 system, gr8 setting, gr8 ref) and I ran my first ever Gwenthia game.

We had put a Gwenthia postcard and a CD with the latest Gwenthia pdf in the welcome bag, but no-one really knows the setting yet, so we had 8 people to the Gwenthia panel… the authors.. I think that the people who go to that Con are likely to like Gwenthia so I hope that it stirs ups some interest.

I met up with Danny Bourne Saturday night and we chatted about cameras and models, I even got to shoot a few frames with his Canon EOS 5D. I feel I managed to get back into the photography loop and I really like this picture of Matt I took there..

Anyhow, gr8 con, gr8 to see everyone, hope Furnace goes as well!

More photos here: http://tinyurl.com/eov53