20 May

Bit of a scare

My son Matt got jumped by a couple of lads who beat him around the head with a baseball bat last night. They’d already punched him up at the bus stop before driving to a bridge near our house and laying in wait for him to arrive and walk home. That is malicious, nay planned and evil. What is worse is that they had been out with him all evening on good terms, with some slight falling out over a girl between Matt’s friend and the lads. After the attack he staggered home and banged us up terrified with a bleeding cut on the head and various bruises from the bat all over. We called the police and got him to hospital and he is physically fine but very traumatised from the threats they made to him and us if he went to the police.

Long story short, today Matt gave a statement to the police, they were very good and helpful and addressed his fears. They has already arrested one of the lads and this afternoon he confessed to the attack but not to using a weapon. When the other lad comes back from work and is arrested then they’ll be released on police bail which will restrict where they can go relative to Matt and our house. They’ll probably be charged with actual bodily harm with intent or possibly grievous bodily harm with intent. Of course you can’t be sure, it isn’t always as simple as that and there is a long way to go, but since he’s confessed then I can’t see it not ending in court.

My concern is that my son is safe, and that this doesn’t traumatise him too much and/or affect his A-level exams.. next one Friday. I do want the lads punished and also taught a lesson so they don’t do that again. A premeditated ambush with a weapon aiming most blows at the head is well beyond some laddish rough stuff, it is plain wrong.

How do I feel? Very strangely calm.

16 May

Rebus’ Edinburgh

I rarely post other people’s work here but I am so utterly blown away by this picture of Edinburgh by Krasnyi Fotoapparat that I just had to share it. I know some of you love Edinburgh, or are going to live there, and I am going to the Festival this year (for the first time) so why not?

(PS: I have been quite poorly with an ear infection, that’ll teach me to take a week off work!)
(PPS: I am trying a Firefox variant called Flock that integrates all the social networking sites out there. I will feedback when I have either dropped it or made it my default browser.)

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08 May


I feel the British Labour Government is lurching ever rightward and reactionary as they lose their grip on power and reality. For all their faults the first Labour government decentralised, liberalised whilst they also strangely did the opposite in other areas. Now, as they fall apart we see them desparately trying to appeal to the populist reactionary constituency: new ill defined censorship laws that will no doubt haunt us for decades, Dangerous Porn Act; redefinition of cannabis against the advice of all experts and the police, Smith & Cannabis; the ongoing debacle that will be ID cards, and now the revelation that despite being the most spied on individuals in the world, CCTV has no realisable effect on crime at all, CCTV doesn’t work.

I shall write to my MP, even though he is retiring and the constituency is being redrawn.

26 Apr

Facebook is shit, o2 arena and London was fun, had a bad week

IMHO Facebook is pointless shit full of viral crap that promises something and delivers nothing. Avoid. I have just deactivated my Facebook account. I can’t delete it and my friends can’t see that I am inactive (interesting twist eh?) but at least I never will get anything from that cesspool of tat again. [Do I sound cross?]

I have had some good productive chats about a route to market for Gwenthia. My chief wish is the get books into FLGS and get some people enjoying all the hard work of the Design Mechanism. I suspect that the world has legs but I think we also have to conclude that it might be a one-shot wonder, so hard choices need to be made on what to leave in or take out.

I am 75% through laying out the Exodus Matrix as our first ‘all in one’ playable scenario using just the core RuneQuest book. I am about 50% thorugh writing a classic ‘underground’ adventure in the same style. I want to finish them before Continuum, have them printed and sold to create some buzz, and then put them on rpgnow as pdfs.

Work is busy so I have only been able to feed back on the latest draft of Wordplay and not start to tackle the Secret Agent Man theme.

We saw Cirque de Soleil at the o2 arena (formerly the Millenium Dome) last Saturday. Great venue, always knew London could make good use of it. Show was okay but maybe not as ‘groundbreaking’ as all that. Was basically a melange of french graphic novels, pink floyd and a lot of weed. IMHO of course.

My steroid dose went down last week and 7 days later, this Tuesday, I crashed. Could bearly get out of bed I was so tired and unfocused. Looks like below 20mg a day I don’t work. 🙁 I changed my dose back and was fine by Friday.

I now have shedloads of work to catch up on.


BTW.. my tests have all been deleted.. Jane knows what I mean.

15 Apr


Here it is: a free True20 licence (like d20 or RuneQuest or Traveller) and a revised edition of the rules, combining the Companion with the original rulesbook. Very nice.


Now I am rather in love with playing Talislanta and therefore the Omni system right now, but anytime soon I just know I am going to go all True20. It’s a lovely clean, lean, roleplaying game that keeps enough of the d20/D&D system but leaves out all the deadwood. If Wizards had released this as D&D 3e, I’d be still playing it now..

06 Apr

Veg Bed

I have built my veg bed in the blizzard and carted 2 tonne of topsoil. Jiggered beyond belief.

04 Apr


Well I have committed myself to building my raised vegetable bed this Sunday. I now have 4 tonnes of topsoil and mushroom compost on my drive! If it rains before Sunday it could all get horrible so I have sent Ann to buy a very large plastic sheet! 4 tonnes is more than I need for the bed, that’s 2 tonnes I think, but I need to layer a good 15cm onto the flower beds at the back so that is what the extra is for.

Wish me luck!

02 Apr


I watched Stardust the other day and having read the novel by Neil Gaiman I was unsure if I’d like it. I did! As charming and sweet as the novel, slightly different, both as lovely and uplifting as each other. Nice.