15 Oct


Finished reading the ambitious and (in my view) best attempt at a post-singularity roleplaying game: Sufficiently Advanced. I have played this when Dom ran it but didn’t really understand the system. I’ve read the book and now sort of understand the rules, but I am very impressed by how the author has tried to address the huge scalar issues of a SF setting where it isn’t a question of how advanced your civilization’s technology is, but how advanced your civilization has chosen to use.

I am feeling quite odd today, aching, depressed, tired and low. Ah well.

I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on Matt’s XP machine, and Office for the Mac 2008 on my laptop. I will still use OpenOffice and cloesly related NeoOffice myself but I like to see what M$ are up to. As usual Office for the Mac is so much nicer.. I guess the fact that M$ have real competition on OS X makes them try that bit harder. I have changed them all to use the older .doc formats and not the ‘evil’ OOXML .docx etc. but I shall probably not use them, although the Outliner in Word has always been rather nice and missing from OpenOffice.

OpenOffice 3.0 has just been released but since it’ll take a while to filter through the Ubuntu releases, I’ll not upgrade the XP and Mac until it hits the Ubuntu repositories. Thus is the first OO to have a native Mac build, which may threaten NeoOffice but is good news all round.

Off to watch Sliders I think.

13 Oct

Five Days until Furnace

It’s just FIVE days to Furnace 2008 and we have over 70 attendees signed up, over 50 games scheduled and planned, various publishers and traders coming and the ever welcoming gaol cells all warm and welcoming. It’s all hands on at Furnace Central, ensuring we have sign up sheets and flip charts and name badges and the Con book. Hopefull it’s all hands on with you too, digging out your dice, packing your toothbrush and manhandling your rulebooks into a manageable pile. If you’re up on Friday night then gspearing and newt will be in the Garrison bar for ‘pre-Con’ drinks, if not then Tom will see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Saturday morning. [You bring the bright eyes and bushy tails, I’ll bring the handouts..]

I’m looking forward to it all quite a bit. I’ve carefully ensured I am not running any games so I don’t get under pressure from that, I have some clear tasks to do, and apart from the badges which I am relieved to say darransims has stepped in to do, I am on top of most things. My wish is to relax, ensure that it all runs smoothly, and enjoy some of the very great games that GMs have offered and newt has organised so well.

Oh, and world capitalism ended today.. LOL

13 Oct

Use Skype – Go Directly To A Chinese Prison

A research firm recently revealed that eBay and TOM are colluding with the Chinese government to spy on users of Skype. Together they monitored user’s text chats and stored those containing politically sensitive topics like freedom, democracy, Tibet, opposition to the communist party and Falun Gong. They also track voice call participants. Presumably they turned this data over to the government and it’s impossible to track how that data has been used. I have to say that if this is true, and it seems to be, that once again one cannot trust private companies with your security, let alone states, which I gave up on years ago. Go open source, adopt trust networks, tunnel into private encrypted corners of the ‘Net but don’t trust the Man.

Read more at Michael Robertson’s blog.

03 Oct

I’ve been everywhere, man

Monday: up to Newcastle to start lecturing on the MSc Operations Management and Logictics, went well much to my surprise. Tuesday: lunchtime meeting re possible project, then 5 hours on train and car to Bognor Regis, where I started sorting my colleague’s ICT setup and then spent the night in the Royal Norfolk on Bognor sea front, which was really quite nice. Wednesday: More ICT, teaching the expenses system and setting up wifi printer/scanner. Then off on a slow train to Teddington via Clapham Junction (wow that is a bog station) and another hotel. Thursday: A very productive planning meeting for the Freightwise conference and then on a train to Doncaster to meet Ann. Then to see our grandson Kieran and give him his birthday present, which was the new Star Wars: Force Unleashed and a couple of light sabre add-ons for the Wii. Phew!

On Friday I caught up with my emails and drank a lot of tea!

27 Sep

Newcastle Visit Day

We had a great day taking Matthew and Laura to the Newcastle University Visit Day. Matt was still quite poorly from his operation yesterday but pulled together quite well at midday. He’s discovered just what weird painkillers Tramadol are.. It was quite interesting to me to see my own Uni, which I know very poorly since I am so rarely there, as a visitor. I’d really like to study there, and I am pleased to say so would Matthew. He is now coming round to studying Philosophy and he liked the staff and students he met from the department.

26 Sep

Matt has an Operation

Matt broke his thumb and is at hospital for an operation with Ann. All went well. They let him home specially since he is keen to go to the Newcastle Uni Visit Day tomorrow. Ann and I are driving them up.

26 Sep

eeePC and Twitter

I am setting up Phil’s eeePC for next week’s ICT trip, it’s lovely but the keys are just too small for my hands, I shall try and get a 10″ one next year. I have setup feeds from twitter to livejournal and facebook, so all I need now is to work out how to feed remember the milk from twitter. [I then decided the twitter to livejournal feeds were just not want you want on a blog.]

24 Sep

DB nears private sector

If all goes according to plan, the long-anticipated partial privatisation of Germany’s national railway will finally come to fruition by the end of this year. A 24·9% stake in the newly-established operating business DB Mobility Logistics AG is due to be floated on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Target date is Nov­ember 5, although there have been suggestions that this might have to be delayed because of the weakening German economy and the global credit crunch. Nevertheless, Federal Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee and Deutsche Bahn AG Chairman Hartmut Mehdorn are pressing ahead. Tiefensee, in particular, is keen to get the sale completed well ahead of the national elections scheduled for September 2009.

Read more: http://tinyurl.com/3f8ebm