19 Aug

Not so much Sleepless in Seattle

Lovely flight from UK to USA. Slept a lot. Was tired due to very early start. Now in a lounge at Seattle airport waiting for a connection to Calgary. This is going to have been a very long trip when it’s over!


Air Alaska to Calgary next..

18 Aug


Off on shuttle at 06:10 Sunday to Heathrow & then to Seattle. Turn around there and off to Calgary!!

Hooray for Club World.

17 Aug

Holiday Time

I have at last finished my to-do list.

  1. Papers submitted.
  2. Meetings passed to others.
  3. PDR sent to boss.
  4. MSc programme development advanced
  5. Other stuff I can’t be arsed to mention


Roll on Canada holiday

09 Aug

Edfringe 2018 day 3

Final day, big sleep in.

Vanishing Man (very weak and confused)

The Greatest Play in the History of the World.. (excellent, Ann should do this!)

Nice haggis, neeps and mash at Makars that led to mad rush to catch train.. two minutes to spare.