29 Jun

Final NOVELOG project review

I have been attending the final review of the Novelog project by the new project officer. I think it went well but of course you never know until the final ink is dry and the cheque has cleared the bank account.

I ate in the hotel bar and enjoyed the World Cup football in the background.

12 Jun

The Fall of Peace and Unity

I have for over 2 years now look forward to running a mashup science fiction role-playing campaign. in early June 2018 I managed to start and it’s set in the Andromeda galaxy and has the working title of the Fall of Peace and Unity. It’s setting a dark time for salvation space as humanity is threatened on all sides in the Andromeda Galaxy.

In truth it’s best read about further on the Tavern, my RPG BBS


04 Jun

Lovely Weekend

I have had a lovely weekend. I spent Friday night in the green room at the People’s Theatre drinking lovely day with lovely people and my lovely wife. They’re a great crowd at the theatre and I think I may have made a few new friends.

On Saturday I realised the perhaps the lovely beer had been too lovely and I drank too much of it. So I spend Saturday largely in bed holding onto my head and then eating a very lovely large Domino’s Pizza. In the evening we watched the film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The film was very good and deserved all the plaudits it had received.

On Sunday after a night of heavy rain the garden was cool and wet: perfect weather for gardening. I have largely neglected the garden during the period of PhD writing up. It was an absolute Delight working in the garden, reminding me how much I enjoy it. Ann made a lovely Bolognese and we then watched the last episode of the excellent docudrama about Norman Scott and Jeremy Thorpe: A Very English Scandal.

All in all a cracking weekend. Poor Amn got a bad cold..