30 Jul

Las Vegas, NV, USA 26th to 30th July 2012

I've been to Paris, and Rome, and Venice and New York. You can go to them all in Vegas on a strip of neon in the desert, and all of them are LARGER, noisier, totally mercenary, and full of slot machines, shops and each one has 2-3 shows. I was sideswiped by Vegas, it knocked me for six, the artificial daylight in the recreated 'Venice' and 'Paris' gave me instant headaches, the heat and the walking took it out of my feet and body. Yet I won in the end. I saw most of it, I got to grips with what was where and what was what. I realised you only go out at night, [stay in your suite or relax by the rather excellent hotel pools], since then the neon is pretty and the heat is lower. You can ignore the gaming, you can't afford the shops, the shows are pretty damned good, there is food of varying quality at all levels of cost, so you can eat what you want at a price you're happy with. There is a pretty good bus service up and down the Strip and to and from Downtown. The older Fremont Street in Downtown is cheaper and more fun than the resorts. No-one is actually from here, and the suites you get in the hotels are enormous and very good value to money. Oh.. and don't stay longer than 3.75 days, which is the average stay.

From Las Vegas

We saw 3 great shows: a burlesque called Fantasy which was good for boobs and a great comedian; a show called Vegas! which was great for a musical and dance interpretation of Vegas from the beginning to the current day with some dancers, an excellent pratfall acrobat, two very talented tap dancers, a full band and a company of excellent singers who handled everything from the Rat Pack thru Elvis, Sonny and Cher, Tina Tuner and more; and we went to see Celine Dion in residency at Caesar's Palace which was good for Ann. [Could have done with more French songs for me.]

From Las Vegas

As for the rest? Well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..