12 Jul

Boston, MA, USA, 12-14 July

So, we landed at Logan Airport about one thirty pm, and I have to say we then had the fastest clearance through Customs and Borde Protection in the USA I have ever experienced. They have also really improved their client approach over the years, the explanatory videos are great, and it's not the soul crushing grind it used to be. Admittedly it still take a lot of time so if there is a big queue..

We then took the fastest taxi ride ever, but then again Logan Airport is so close to Boston it's scary. The Marriott Renaissance we stayed at was new, with great big rooms, wonderfully furnished with a cracking Marriott bed (love them Marriott beds) and decor. the whole hotel is great. What is also not apparent, is that despite being in South Boston on the Waterfront, it's within easy walking distance of the centre of the city. A leisurely walk gets you into the centre of the city on the Greenway. This is the long strip of open park space that runs alongside the CBD of skyscrapers, and is where they used to have ugly vile elevated roads and trains before the BIG DIG when they spent 20 years and oodles of billions of dollars on reimaging the city. So now the city, already compact and with sidewalks, has a green artery looping around the waterfront and allowing instant walking access to the lovely centre.

Greenway, Boston, USA

We did Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, and then after some brown bagging food, we crashed out at about 8pm, or midnight on the body clock. The next day we rose silly early, had a swim and a hot tub, and then took a trolley bus tour. We took the Upper Deck company, but they're probably all fine, and had a great hop in hop off day.  We took in North End, a beautiful mix of colonial Boston, Paul Revere, and a vibrant American Italian community where we discovered what cannoli really is, and I suddenly realised I was exctly where one of HP Lovecraft's horror stories is set!

Old Ironsides

Then round the Charleston Naval Yard to see 'Old Ironsides', the oldest commissioned naval ship in the world, and then off round the rest of the city, stopping off at the Cheers bar, which was really the Bull&Finch until recently and was used for the exterior shots in the sitcom. That evening we took a sunset cruise out to Boston Light and then came back in about 8.30pm, just in time to walk up to North End for some gorgeous pasta in a great Italian. Then it was time to see the Holocaust Memorial and the Union Oyster House and back in time for bed.

Boston Light

Woke up at 6am! Fixed up a VPN service and Ann happily watch Coronation Street whilst I watched Jericho on Netflix and sorted out photos and blogs and all that. Off to collect SUV and head into White Mountains next.

See ya!

Pix here: https://picasaweb.google.com/114730141632765453015/BostonMAUSA2012?authuser=0&feat=directlink