16 Sep

well another year starts

Yes. You heard me right. My year kinda starts in September. Not because the academic year does but because all my mainland European colleagues return from vacation, all the research projects fire up and everyone gets ready to write proposals for the EU FP7 transport deadline in December. So, my diary is now chock a block until Xmas and anything I didn’t do in my summer to do list probably won’t be done until the New Year. Weirdly as my intellectual mind speeds up I also start to want to play or run more rpgs, which is ironic given my availability falls away as well. I shall try and solve that this year with using Skype to run a Traveller game, but I need players and they all seem very busy too.
Our house sale fell through, so I suspect we are not moving to Tyne and Wear until 2012, and that the nice house we found in Gateshead is lost to us. I shall miss not being in the same city as Matthew, and the extra travel to manage my research team is not welcome.
Our eldest son has deployed to Afghanistan again. Third tour. First as infantry, second as a pilot, third as infantry again. Wish him luck. Our youngest is doing a “teaching English to speakers of other languages” course and loving the intensive work. Then he has his final year of his Philosophy degree to complete.
Ann is great and apart from a bad foot is healthy. I am fat but content at work and very happy in my home life.
So.. Happy New Year!

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