17 Jul

RuneQuest 6 is announced, new life breathed into Gwenthia

Peter Nash and Loz Whitaker, the people I’d trust most with RQ, are to publish RQ6!

Its with great pleasure and excitement that I’m able to announce that The Design Mechanism, the new company formed by myself and Pete Nash, has successfully reached an agreement with Issaries Inc to become the new licensee for RuneQuest.

The full Press Release can be found on the RuneQuest page at www.thedesignmechanism.com along with a detailed Q&A sheet for those who want to know more about what we have in store for RQ.

Greg Stafford, Issaries President, had this to say on the agreement: “RuneQuest is an old, highly respected brand that requires creativity, dedication and knowledge of the product. I know that Loz and Pete have that, plus enthusiasm and professionalism that will keep up the reputation and good name. I am pleased.”

Clearly its early days for both Design Mechanism and RuneQuest’s 6th edition but we have exciting plans for the game building on the work Pete and I have already done with Mongoose’s RuneQuest II and we look forward to sharing them with the roleplaying community as we develop the new rules.


Pete and Loz essentially rewrote Mongoose RQ I (the 4th edition of RQ) and fixed and mended and made it whole again in MRQ II (the 5th edition). Then Mongoose decided it wasn’t working for them commercially and have let the licence go and so Loz and Pete have formed a company (yes using the name we used for the Gwenthia development, they did ask and we all said “yes”. Combined with a deal with Moon Design, who now do all Glorantha publishing and the rights to publish a wide range of Glorantha material, for example 2nd Age Glorantha (the period Mongoose did) and 3rd Age Glorantha (the original period published by Chaosium in the olden days), plus I suspect that since Moon Design publish HeroQuest materials for Glorantha, we’ll see dual statted products in the future so you can choose a strong semi-simulationist rules based rpg if you want or a very loose narrativist one, or switch between them and use the same source materials with no work.

Pete and Loz were part of the team that developed and wrote Gwenthia, and indeed had started to do d100 rulesystem work before the project stopped in a mix of my illness at the time, disagreement about rule systems, the lack of will to manage the conversion to a commercial project from me, and the simple fact that we’d had a lot of fun and we all had lives. Loz has said clearly that Gwenthia will probably have a role in RQ6 and I for one would be delighted if that could be the case, with Loz and Pete clearly in the driving seat commercially and management wise.

So.. a portentous day.. I can’t wait to buy the new edition and start statting up my AurUrbis religions and running some Gwenthia with the new ruleset. Now.. given that the new ruleset will probably be very close to the previous edition, I may set myself the task of some cult write-ups this summer as a bit of solo mind relief from work.

Having also fallen in love with Songs of Blades and Heroes as a skirmish wargame ruleset I am starting to look for minis that I can do Gwenthian skirmish games with, first step has to be to find masked minis for the Zhari of Mull..