08 Dec


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As one left wing journo once said, the most irritating thing about the Daily Mail after it’s rabid right wing nonsense, is that it is a very well made newspaper. Ah well, I read the money and health sections on the flight over and they were very good. I then read Newsweek which also has surprised me over the last year by being quite urbane and liberal and readable. I am now in Vilnius in Lithuania and my luggage is still in Germany.. ah well..

Oh, and the Queen looked very smart and pretty glam at the Royal Variety Performance, which I was pleased to see was in Blackpool. It’s time that Blackpool reinvented itself. Not so worried about the Queen.

Very pleased to see that Dom has posted his ‘vox pop’ of Furnace 2009, some great short face clips from all sorts of people. Love the last one, my dear friend Simon.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXbcK_N1Lyw

Time for a snooze..

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