30 Jul

Restore GRUB

1. Pop in the Live CD, boot from it until you reach the desktop.
2. Open a terminal window or switch to a tty.
3. Type “grub”
4. Type “root (hd0,6)”, or whatever your harddisk + boot partition numbers are (my /boot is at /dev/sda7, which translates to hd0,6 for grub).
5. Type “setup (hd0)”, ot whatever your harddisk nr is.
6. Quit grub by typing “quit”.
7. Reboot.

I may be missing your point though, if so, please forgive me 🙂

05 Jul


Just finished a long weekend’s gardening which has been very enjoyable and productive. The Hozelock Aquapod system worked very well watering the greenhouse whilst we were away, admittedly some plants may be a little moister than they needed: tomatoes, and some drier: cucumbers, but overall it worked excellently. The hanging baskets should have probably gone to stay with a neighbour, but after a good trim by Ann and repeated soakings in water they look to be recovering. Most things are growing very well, at last my sweet peas are peering out from behind the lilies I mistakenly planted them behind. The marigolds (dwarf) are blooming in profusion, the petunias are starting to flower, the pansies are resplendent and just next to the house the first California poppies are making a show. The raspberries are beautifully ripe, the apple trees have fruit (which I have thinned a little) and my runner beans and climbing French beans are doing well. The balcony is full of deep red and yellow lilies and the aliums have finished flowering and have become artistic globes of drying seed heads.
In the greenhouse the tomatoes are growing well, maybe I little slower than last year, but flowering well, which is earlier than last, so that’s good. I have a sea of green in the pepper department and the two cucumber plants are really going for it. On the raised beds I had a cornucopia of lettuce which I harvested and have shared amongst the neighbours (the cornucopia of cabbage was before the holiday) and I have today sown carrots, peas, lettuce, radish, cress and some basil. My red onions are huge and close to harvesting, so I’ll pop some beetroot into their slot, and the new rows of cabbage are already looking deep green and close to being good to eat. The mesh net isn’t that great at keeping cabbage white butterlies out but at least once they’re in they never get out again.. I harvested 4 potato plants and we’ve had delicious new potatoes yesterday and today, and my courgettes, dwarf beans and sweetcorn look good. Obviously I mowed the lawn, and did a feed and weed. I could do some more weeding but I’ve done the veg beds and the worse weeds in the flower beds so that’s all for now.
All in all, a great gardening weekend..

02 Jul

mad tom

mad tom
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Hi, it’s me in Spain being zany. Actually I am being quite chilled but this is the kind of face you make when you do that ‘top down social networking avatar’ self. This has been quite a relaxed if hot holiday, not doing much, reading and sitting by the pool.

Our son Mike has been in the news, well the military news, as the Harriers return from Afghanistan. Whatever you may think of foreign wars, and I support the intervention in Afghanistan whilst disagreeing with the Iraq war, raise a cheer for the servicemen fighting there: Harriers Return. (Mike is a nice newsworthy nugget, having served as an infantry officer and now a pilot, I hope the other pilots who’ve served far longer don’t rib him too much.. I know Mike will be most embarassed to be singled out).

Back to far too much travel and too many meeting next week..