15 Oct


Finished reading the ambitious and (in my view) best attempt at a post-singularity roleplaying game: Sufficiently Advanced. I have played this when Dom ran it but didn’t really understand the system. I’ve read the book and now sort of understand the rules, but I am very impressed by how the author has tried to address the huge scalar issues of a SF setting where it isn’t a question of how advanced your civilization’s technology is, but how advanced your civilization has chosen to use.

I am feeling quite odd today, aching, depressed, tired and low. Ah well.

I installed Microsoft Office 2007 on Matt’s XP machine, and Office for the Mac 2008 on my laptop. I will still use OpenOffice and cloesly related NeoOffice myself but I like to see what M$ are up to. As usual Office for the Mac is so much nicer.. I guess the fact that M$ have real competition on OS X makes them try that bit harder. I have changed them all to use the older .doc formats and not the ‘evil’ OOXML .docx etc. but I shall probably not use them, although the Outliner in Word has always been rather nice and missing from OpenOffice.

OpenOffice 3.0 has just been released but since it’ll take a while to filter through the Ubuntu releases, I’ll not upgrade the XP and Mac until it hits the Ubuntu repositories. Thus is the first OO to have a native Mac build, which may threaten NeoOffice but is good news all round.

Off to watch Sliders I think.