03 Oct

I’ve been everywhere, man

Monday: up to Newcastle to start lecturing on the MSc Operations Management and Logictics, went well much to my surprise. Tuesday: lunchtime meeting re possible project, then 5 hours on train and car to Bognor Regis, where I started sorting my colleague’s ICT setup and then spent the night in the Royal Norfolk on Bognor sea front, which was really quite nice. Wednesday: More ICT, teaching the expenses system and setting up wifi printer/scanner. Then off on a slow train to Teddington via Clapham Junction (wow that is a bog station) and another hotel. Thursday: A very productive planning meeting for the Freightwise conference and then on a train to Doncaster to meet Ann. Then to see our grandson Kieran and give him his birthday present, which was the new Star Wars: Force Unleashed and a couple of light sabre add-ons for the Wii. Phew!

On Friday I caught up with my emails and drank a lot of tea!