11 Aug

On me Travels again

I am up in Newcastle working on some papers and Delphi survey design work. I have dropped off Furnace leaflets at Travelling Man and Forbidden Planet. Good or bad there was a sale in TM and I picked up the Blue Rose rpg and the World of Aldea book at half price. It’ll be a nice read.. when I get through the pile.

I found the Masterplan podcasts in which Chris Birch of Cubicle 7 Entertainment talks about two licensed properties they’re working with: Starblazer Adventures & the Doctor Who RPG. Masterplan Podcasts. Both fascinating, and I know gspearing is very keen to get his hands on Starblazer.

I have watched all of Series 1 of Andromeda last week, ending today. It’s great old skool SF space opera, and I have to say I love it. Nathan and I want to work on a Savage Worlds SF setting and I am going to ensure that it’ll be supported by a set of SW rules/writeups that I can easily use for Andromeda games, since my friend Martin H is also a great fan. A huge Andromeda/Farscape mash up would also be fun.

The weather has been poor all weekend, but it’s been quite fresh and sunny here in Newcastle. I am here until Wednesday, at home office on Thursday and off to the Edinburgh Festival next weekend.