07 Jul

Bye Bye Guilfest

We have just been to Guilfest which we have been going to for er, um, at least twelve years and maybe more. It was pretty good fun, we saw the Levellers, Blondie, Kula Shaker, From the Jam and the Australian Pink Floyd Show. We met up with Neil and Pam and Matt and his girlfriend Laura came with us. Jim and Janet Collins came and spent a very cold and wet Saturday with us. It will, however, be the last Guilfest for a while. They have banned alcohol from being brought into the arena, leaving you to buy your booze from their beer tent, and they didn’t give any warning of this in advance. It just isn’t fun having to smuggle wine and beer into an event where we have always happily had a picnic with our own tipple to hand, and that combined with a weaker lineup means we shall probably not be bothering again next year.

It’s a shame, we’ve seen some great acts at Guilfest over the years, but it looks like it may be time to look elsewhere.

Matt and I had some great bonding moments, it was good going with him.