26 Jun



The Tavern seems crippled by my new hosting company servers, but having migrated all my sites their over the last 6 months I was ready to close the old host account and save 7 bucks a month.

At work I have got ourselves in the stupid position of agreeing to deliver effectively the same course twice in two different schools, which given that we aren’t even paid to teach is a very silly thing to do when we could do just one and combine the students. I suspect all I will get when I suggest this is unpopular with three Heads of School.

I am starting to get really low at how Gwenthia has stopped being fun and effectively crippled once we started doing rules, even though Pete has done some really excellent work on it. We need to discuss it at Continuum.

But most of all I am utterly drained and worried about the possibility that we are facing an intimidation campaign from the people who attacked Matthew. The paint attack on the car (rumoured to have been done by 2 friends of the original attackers) was followed by a couple of cruise-bys. I worry that as the summer goes by we’ll see more of this as they try and get Matt to withdraw his testimony.

It is seriously worrying Matt, he’s sleeping with a walking stick by his bed, and has utterly crushed Ann’s spirit. I just don’t know what we can do.. the police have alternated between organisational indifference to some real attempts to help by the local police constables. But they can’t be here all the time, we need to work out some strategies and ones that don’t leave Matt more traumatised.

Off to see how much it will cost to respray Matt’s car shortly, then maybe we will go and look at security cameras at the Maplin store in town.