24 Jun

More Fun in ShitLand

I am in Netherlands, Ann is running a course in Warwickshire.
Matthew woke up this morning to discover his car has had a pot of paint emptied on it.
He rang police who were utterly uninterested, despite the previous assault and associated threats of intimidation.
Closed it immediately, no interest in collecting any forensics.
Now if this is who we think it is and they left any forensics it is a home run for the police, but they don’t care.
I then rang and tried to escalate it and was basically told if I don’t like it then complain to the Chief Superintendant.
It’s not like it was a random event in a big city, we have a clear suspect and we live in the countryside, someone had to travel to our place to do this. Ah well, the policeman who is handling the assault case is on at 9pm and I have asked him to ring. Looks like I may be becoming quite disillusioned with the police shortly. Problem is it completely destroys all the positive messages we have given Matt to trust in the system. Fortunately he has taken a positive view and has filled the house with all his mates and they’re going to have a big party and sod the vandals!