20 May

Bit of a scare

My son Matt got jumped by a couple of lads who beat him around the head with a baseball bat last night. They’d already punched him up at the bus stop before driving to a bridge near our house and laying in wait for him to arrive and walk home. That is malicious, nay planned and evil. What is worse is that they had been out with him all evening on good terms, with some slight falling out over a girl between Matt’s friend and the lads. After the attack he staggered home and banged us up terrified with a bleeding cut on the head and various bruises from the bat all over. We called the police and got him to hospital and he is physically fine but very traumatised from the threats they made to him and us if he went to the police.

Long story short, today Matt gave a statement to the police, they were very good and helpful and addressed his fears. They has already arrested one of the lads and this afternoon he confessed to the attack but not to using a weapon. When the other lad comes back from work and is arrested then they’ll be released on police bail which will restrict where they can go relative to Matt and our house. They’ll probably be charged with actual bodily harm with intent or possibly grievous bodily harm with intent. Of course you can’t be sure, it isn’t always as simple as that and there is a long way to go, but since he’s confessed then I can’t see it not ending in court.

My concern is that my son is safe, and that this doesn’t traumatise him too much and/or affect his A-level exams.. next one Friday. I do want the lads punished and also taught a lesson so they don’t do that again. A premeditated ambush with a weapon aiming most blows at the head is well beyond some laddish rough stuff, it is plain wrong.

How do I feel? Very strangely calm.