04 Feb

Reply to Pete

Pete Nash wrote and so I thought I’d use it as a way to update you all with my health.

> Hi Tom
> Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. I hope that the secondary problems you’ve >been experiencing will pass quickly. It sounded horribly like a stroke to me, but lets >hope the doctors can sort it out.

Thanks. It wasn’t a stroke for certain. But it may have been a TIA, but any stroke or TIA is one sided and the thing about mine that makes it very odd is that it is both sides.
They kept me in in case I had Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) which can be tricky but mine started at the face and that starts at the legs.
The associated and previous neuropathy is what is making them investigate neurosarcoidosis as an underlying issue.
My MRI scan showed inflammation around the 7th nerve (face), so something has gone on and is behind all of this.
I can talk and most people wouldn’t notice anything wrong but I am aware of having to work my lips and mouth and my eyes become very tired by about 2pm.

It’s early days and I am not trying to leap back to work too soon. My colleagues are doing well and keeping all on an even keel.