02 Feb

More relaxed

Much better this morning, backache reduced a lot. Fairly sure arm twinges are caused by sleeping on arm! Eyes still not normal and face still weak, but much calmer. I dreamt of when my eee notebook arrives last night, so I must be feeling a little better. gspearing has as interesting blog about which roleplaying game you’d bring back and how, which I found interesting and is here.

On another note I am fascinated to see that Fuji are talking of releasing a classic 1950s style folding roll film 6x7cm camera, that for all the world looks like the old Zeiss Ikonta/Agfa cameras. Somehow I suspect it will be a massively expensive collectors item and never be seen outside of Japan, but it is very nice with electronic shutter and a coupled rangefinder. I doubt I will buy one, but it’s nice to see things of beauty still being made..