01 Feb

Home but not really well

Home. Relief. But I am not fixed, my eyes still don’t work fully and my lips are weird and not quite right. My steroid does dropped today and I am interested as to whether my symptoms are returning. Because I responded both to steroids in my face and my feet (an old numbness I have had for 18 months) the docs suspect a deeper problem with me. It does not look like Guillain-BarrĂ© which can be dangerous since 30% of patients can stop breathing. Maybe neurosarcoidosis which is very difficult to diagnose. I also have a very sharp pain in my upper right back and my left arm has shooting numbness. As I was being discharged they said that my EMG showed lumbar radiculopathy, which may have been caused by the lumbar puncture, or not.. Basically I am at home, I still am not right and I am a little freaked out.