30 Jan


Well. My facial paralysis lifts greatly day by day and if you did not know me you would think me normal if a little grim, some might say my normal face! Still no idea as to cause and so the tests continue. Monday I had the MRI, no biggie. yesterday I had the lumbar puncture that has had me scared silly since last tuesday. With a mild sedative and a great bedside manner the doctor got me through it fine, more odd than anything. Just had nerve conductive tests. This did involve thin needles which did not freak me out, proving it is needles and my poor veins that I have a phobia about, not needles. I hope that given I may get home tomorrow since we have a trip to Edinburgh and the doctors seem to think I am in no immediate danger, appearing to have responded incredibly fast to steroids or maybe spontaneously. The question remains: what is or was behind it all?