27 Jan

Hallam at last

Great. At last I am in Hallamshire and the testing can start. Not tat I had had a problem with Barnsley, but it was a holding loop. I met some fascinating people all facing mortality on the coronary ward. George was in the fire service for his whole life and was one of the first crew at the Flixborough plant explosionn the early 70s that as a child I heard explode about 50 miles away and thought they’d dropped the bomb. Roy, 88, who’d tended cricket and bowling greens all his life but also served in all 5 years of the horrific Burma campaign in WW2 and still shuddered at it. A poem may come of this.

I am pleased to say that I am starting to function better. I can wiggle my eyebrows and speak more clearly. I feel so much happier and on a good path. My good friend Simon has popped in twice, gspearing is due in today at 2pm and dear Dom has sent intellectual support in the form of SF books. My dear wife Ann has been in twice a day and looked after and cared for me wonderfully whilst I am sure she has been deeply worried. She will not be in today and I am missing her already.

Ah well. I am drained and have bad backache. L8r