21 Jan

Drab dose dammned nubb libbs

From Weds. night I have been suffering from repeated cluster headache attacks and as of Saturday I have developed facial paralysis. Not sure what it is. Am going to hospital now. I can’t speak properly and as such I can’t be of any help with anything. I don’t know if I will need to be kept in for appraisal, I hope not, but I may have to. It does not look like a stroke, it may be Bell’s palsy, (which is not permanent) but it does mean a few things:

1: I can’t lecture.
2: I can’t go to the Freightwise review in Brussels.
3: I can’t roleplay, but if I am not cancelling the Gaming Sunday just now..

I’ll report back when I know more. I think all projects and tasks are in safe hands and proceeding well.

… later on the same day …

Just back from hospital. Not a stroke, possibly hemiplegic migraine, but frankly they are all nonplussed. The problem being that it isn’t on side of the face alone, which is what nearly all such facial nerve things should be. Talking probably worse. My lips just don’t work! Don’t ask me to say ‘Blue Balloon Please’! Cluster headache rolls on, this is the longest headache I have ever had!
Back at hospital at 9am on Tues. morning for CAT scan to rule out any stroke/brain nasty and then I don’t know what.. doctors can be so non communicative and I can’t grill them too well with only 50% of the consonants and vowels!