14 Jan

Off to Oslo

It’s 2008 and the traveling season has begun again. I am off to Oslo on a SAS flight out of Manchester and it’s both good and bad that I am out and about again. Good in that I definitely make my biggest inputs as a networker, manager and project planner; bad in that I can’t do much basic academic work when I am travelling and meeting and doing all the management stuff. Sometime this year I need to get down and write 1–3 papers, deliver on 4 projects (with a 5th about to to start), organise 2-4 FP7 project bids and manage a team that is currently about 4-5 strong at home and 30-40 when you add in all the partners that I am responsible for across many workpackages. I can do the project management, I can do the people management, I might even be able to do the papers if I can squeeze the time, but it is a gear shift change from the first 2 years at Newcastle when it was just me doing all the work and eking out a living on a few projects.