28 Oct

Installation nightmare

I have now spent 2 days installing and uninstalling Adobe Design Standard CS3 on Windows XP FOUR times. Each time it fails. The support page on their website is a labyrinth of registry hacks, permission setting, msizapping and stuff that I barely understand. It seems to be closely linked to previous Adobe and Macromedia products not properly uninstalling themselves and relinquishing registry entries and directory permissions. This is such a mess that I am astonished that Microsoft haven’t had a hand in it. This is so dreadful and it makes me wonder why I paid over 250 notes to buy it. I bet a pirate version would install first time.. This is the worst imstall since DOS days. Of course I need the software asap, and now it’s 7.15pm Sunday and I may have to let people down.. grrr. If only my Dell hadn’t died, I can see from the Crossover Office pages that I should be able to install this on Crossover for Linux. Then again, they claim you can install it on Windows!