21 May

Agon, the Greek Heroic rpg

I read Agon, an indie Heroic Age Greek rpg! I now understand gspearing‘s silence. A great recreation of one of the ways to play a game like D&D, but do you want to play that kind of island hopping monster killing, buddy competing fun?

AGON is a competitive RPG set in a fantastic version of ancient Greece similar to that of the Illiad and the Odyssey. The heroes work together against the enemies and obstacles created by the Antagonist, but the players compete to win the most glory for their heroes.The player who earns the most glory wins the game.

I think I would enjoy it as a game, but I am not sure if I would want to give it priority over another Greek game that was more story telling, or perhaps a Savaged one that was faster, since I suspect that the combat system (whilst cunningly put together) could take a long while to resolve.

I admire this game greatly. It recreates the competitive style of play that many of us have played and, even if we don’t choose to do it that often, the author John Harper has created a simple, well balanced and elegant game. I’m not sure I’d run it.