09 Mar

Windows Apps on Linux

I did it! I got Cedega working and Guild Wars running on Ubuntu 6.10. Runs fine! Smooth with music and graphics about the same as the same game on XP on the same PC. I got Microsoft Project running under Crossover, so all I need is to fix the invisible icon problem in Serif Pageplus and I can uninstall Windows on my machine forever.

See screenshots here.

It wasn’t totally easy, I discovered I hadn’t got my NVIDIA drivers properly installed, so I used synaptic to completely remove linux-generic, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17-10-generic, linux-restricted-modules-generic, nvidia-glx, nvidia-kernel-common. Then I followed the instructions from this NVIDIA on Edgy guide. It was very very easy to follow. Just remember to reboot the system since it changes the kernel and it didn’t seem to fully work with games until I had.

When I installed Cedega my system passed the system tests but I kept getting problems with Guild Wars, until I went into the setup for the programme and entered the exact video memory and AGP vertex memory I had (which Cedega reported in it’s system settings report).. Then all worked well.

Dungeon Siege next then. Oh and Steam.