04 Mar

RIP Bill Hoad

Bill and Lan Hoad, Christmas 2006My friend Bill died at 4.30pm Saturday but I have only just got the email from gspearing. He has been ill with a recurrence of cancer but it came as a great shock to me, I had been emailing and blogging with him until a few days ago. He was Graham’s friend first and I met Bill when he was a recent graduate and I was a freshman at Sheffield University, we stayed in contact by letter and newsletter and then by the nascent and the full fledged Internet. Bill and I spent many a virtual and actual hour together discussing games, Vietnamese history, Bookcrossing and both being ever so slightly off the wall. Just this morning I was browsing my bookshelves and looking at some of the books he had bought or loaned me. Bill was a great guy, intelligent, thoughtful and enthusiastic. He was a communicator, someone who actively relished talking and debating, a ‘zine writer, a letter page contributor, blogging until a few days ago himself. I shall miss his liveliness, his considerable intellect and a good friend.

I wish all that can be to celebrate his life and assuage the grief for his family in this sad time.

“One was a Trog named Torve, a light brown, woolly, six foot toad. He had a white belly and the faintest of black stripes. His personality was lumpish. His motives were inscrutable.
…Keep your eye on him and watch what happens.” Star Well, Alexei Panshin