04 Mar


Green Ronin are going to produce a systemless version of their sourcebook for the pirate city Freeport. http://www.greenronin.com/freeport

I am so excited about this. Freeport was the publication that got me running D&D after 20 years of disliking it greatly. It’s eclectic mix of Lovecraft and Moorcock in a D&D trope worked well for me and my group. Admittedly our 3 year experiment with D&D 3.0 convinced me it was not for me. So I couldn’t enjoy any more of the Freeport goodness. Now, a system free setting, hoorah! I like BRP type games, so a RuneQuest system book would be great, or even a licensed BRP one . I have also been very taken with True20, so I expect I shall be queing up to buy the systemless core book and running it with BRP or RQ or Savage Worlds (50Fathoms) and/buying the True20 book. Mind you a romantic Freeport may feel very different. Anyhow, to sign off, at the end of my Freeport the cultists went mad and ramapged through the city burning and killing. I ran a boardgame in which the PCs and their allies fought area by area to save the city. They did, but the city was 2/3rds destroyed by then. Thanks for this great city and for letting us have it system free. (WFRP version?)

I spent all of today and yesterday gardening, I have got into this lark!