26 Feb

Good Ole Fuzz

How’s this for victimisation? A kid makes a harmless joke by pretending to shoot David Cameron with his finger and the fuzz knock down his door, bust him for a fiver’s worth of cannabis and held him in custody until Monday. The judge who just fined him ¬£25 actually said she was worried about why he’d been treated so differently to anyone else. Well, never let it be said that the British police have quite quite forgotten how to teach the youth of today their manners…


Now, why am I whittling? Well this is typical police harassment brought on by the fact that this kid’s picture dissing the leader of the Opposition was all over the right wing press. It’s obvious and direct police clampdown on the mildest of political comment. I do hope they’ll be banging up Rory Bremner or even that awful Adam Boulton, they diss politicians far more often and far more sharply.

Oddly the BBC almost suggest that this is the arrival of a Judge Dredd society:


Cruel but unfair, that’s the Judge Dredd catchphrase.