24 Jan

Back To Work

Well I am still not totally better, my stitches are a little infected, I have to rub antibiotic cream on them, and I can’t do lifting, but I am well enough to start back to work on Thursday. Of course I haven’t done all that I wanted in my time off, there are still DVDs to watch and books to read, but never mind.

Big news and I chose my avatar carefully.. we have given up the fags.. Dec 23rd we stopped and it’s going well. Ann is using the new drug Champix which has suited her very well. I went cold turkey.

I am away in Helsinki all next week, and this first half of the year looks very full indeed, lots and lots of project work.

Gwenthia progresses well, we have almost finished writing a RuneQuest version, and are looking for playtesters. I am kinda sad that in the end we couldn’t get Chaosium to talk to us long enough to do it for BRP, but I am sure their priorities are elsewhere. I also kinda wish we had done it as a totally indie-style game, but that would have opened too many cans of worms I think..