06 Nov

Cheese and OS X

I like goat’s cheese, but I had no idea how bloody strong the stink is. We got some Saturday for a risotto tonight and it’s stunk up the fridge no end. Ah well. Ann is trying some new recipes and Sunday’s was great and I am looking forward to the risotto so the smell should be worth it.

I’ve such a lot of love for Unix, my first online ISP was Unix based and now, as you know, I run Linux on 2 of my computers, XP on one (for Matt to play Guild Wars on) and my laptop is a Mac running OS X.

I have recently been looking under the bonnet of OS X and seeing just how it is Unix that lies beneath all the sexy Apple GUI. I have installed the Developer package from Apple (basically to get the optimised Gnu compilers for OS X) and even compiled some applications. I then did the same on m Linux boxes since increasingly I want to run the same apps on all my computers.