01 Nov


The new spin off series from Dr. Who, Torchwood, started a few weeks ago.
I watched all three episodes last night, they’ve
all amassed in my Sky Plus box. I felt in epsiode 1 that the TW crew
looked very amateur, that I was watching CBBC. In epsiode 2 I became
convinced I was watching CBBC but with sex, which is a very odd and
unpleasant feeling. I started to wonder why they always run
everywhere, and are always eating. Episode 3, I started to think it had
a stride to hit that didn’t involve endless running, so I shall watch
epsiode 4. Matt not greatly attracted, didn’t even suggest Ann watched
it. Ann and I then watched Vincent, the PI drama on ITV 3 and you can
see how weak TW is as a piece of TV. Forget the writng and acting for a
minute and compare the camerawork, lighting and direction that goes
into a Prime Suspect or a similar top bill drama. TW looks like a group
of cameramen from CBBC who can point a camera at a scene that they’ve
flooded with light and get a fresh faced simple capture that suits
Tracy Beaker or Grange Hill. Dr Who is the same, it’s playschool
cinematography. Now it can be fine, but I think TW could have done with
better lit and shot scenes, better directon and then the actors could
have relaxed into a darker mood. The running is a symptom I think of a
director who thinks he’s doing CBBC or a hyperactive Home and Away.

  • Capt. Jack, he’s ok, not as nuanced as he thinks he is, but ok.
  • Gwen is a star, she plays an ordinary Welsh girl with brains thrown
    into a very odd but exciting world, whilst squaring it with her bloke.

  • Owen, could grow into something good, twists and flails a bit but some depth there.
  • The Asian girl, ho and then ho and then hum. But we’ve seen such
    characters in other dramas emerge from the chrysalis in later episodes.

  • The Flunky, flunks well.

I just wish someone had told them this was a late night adult
series with some bite, and planned it cinematographically to suit. Have
I mentioned the music, the running music, always with the running..