02 Oct

jUplodr for flickr and Linux

I am slowly and steadily moving my work and home from Windows to Ubuntu Linux. I have found alternatives to many things, and today I found a programme to upload to my flickr account.

Providing you have the official Sun Java 1.50  then  jUploadr  is a great upload tool for Linux, Windows and OS X. If you are using Ubuntu then I think it’s wise to run Automatix to ensure you have the correct java, although I may be wrong about that. It’s frankly silly not to run Automatix on any new Ubuntu install, so do it anyway! Here’s some advice on how to install it on Ubuntu (and most Linux distros), it’s very very simple:
“Extract the .tar.gz to a folder.
Open Terminal, cd to the folder.
Type “./juploadr”
That’s it. Presuming your Java is good, then you’re set.
Now, that should be enough information for you to add it to the Alacarte menu as well.”

01 Oct

Drugs and Gallstones and Cultigens

Well. Something new every day. I’ve been reading about Salvia divinorum, also known as Diviner’s Sage, Magic Mint, or Ska MarĂ­a Pastora. I thought I knew of most drugs, then a ‘new’ but really ‘old’ comes along. Fascinating, especially the cultigen and the hybrid bit. I didn’t know banana was a cultigen either, but that’s from later browsing. I think my ‘funny turns’ that led to hospital are gallstones. All the symptoms fit plus the radiologist who did my ultra sound in Feb said Ihad some. What I don’t get is why I can work this out and they can’t,but what the hell. I have just had 4 hours of intense pain (I now haveTramadol, codeine, paracetomol on board) so I shall get to the docs on Monday. God I hope they sort it out!

I went to do some photography today, but couldn’t quite find the ‘ruined castle’ look I wanted. Got a few shots of Hardwick Hall but I had setup all my cameras wrong. The Hall was shut so we had a cream tea (which might have triggered this gall stone attack) which was nice. Ann has been sad a lot these last two months but today she was simply happy. Shame it ended with her having to look after me whilst I was in pain and being sick.