06 Oct


My search for a defrag found Auslogics Disk Defrag. It’s freeware, looks and runs nicely. Seems to do only file fragmentation but that’ll be enough for many. Can’t see a scheduling option and there is no support so if there is a command line I can pop into the scheduler I don’t know it. Not bad but no cigar.

I then found Purple Parrot’s Defrag Timer which is a scheduler for the inbuilt Windows defrag tool. Nice idea, shareware and 19USD, which rules it out of my search but frankly is a great idea since most people never even know how to defrag, let alone how to make it happen weekly. I do suspect, though, that it may be possible to schedule the inbuilt Windows defrag tool, so I’ll look for that next.. and here it is, hidden in Microsoft’s webpages but as simple as pie: Scheduling Defragmentation in XP. So not even a pack of seeds, Mr Parrot.

Now, does that meet my needs? Disk defragmentation is in my OS as default, the scheduler is in there as default, with that page I can make it happen as a scheduled event. You know what, I think so.. anyone else got a better free solution?
…and here it is: a script that runs, checks and fixes your disk for errors and then defragments, all as a simple batch file you can download, now what is more simple, free and elegant than that? LifeHacker’s Self Reparing Hard Drive.