01 Oct

Drugs and Gallstones and Cultigens

Well. Something new every day. I’ve been reading about Salvia divinorum, also known as Diviner’s Sage, Magic Mint, or Ska María Pastora. I thought I knew of most drugs, then a ‘new’ but really ‘old’ comes along. Fascinating, especially the cultigen and the hybrid bit. I didn’t know banana was a cultigen either, but that’s from later browsing. I think my ‘funny turns’ that led to hospital are gallstones. All the symptoms fit plus the radiologist who did my ultra sound in Feb said Ihad some. What I don’t get is why I can work this out and they can’t,but what the hell. I have just had 4 hours of intense pain (I now haveTramadol, codeine, paracetomol on board) so I shall get to the docs on Monday. God I hope they sort it out!

I went to do some photography today, but couldn’t quite find the ‘ruined castle’ look I wanted. Got a few shots of Hardwick Hall but I had setup all my cameras wrong. The Hall was shut so we had a cream tea (which might have triggered this gall stone attack) which was nice. Ann has been sad a lot these last two months but today she was simply happy. Shame it ended with her having to look after me whilst I was in pain and being sick.