30 Sep

Life and Liberty

Ann and I went to see The Queen starring  Helen Mirren. It’s about the week around Princess Diana’s death, and is in fact as much about Tony Blair as the Queen, but it is her reaction and emotions that are the key.  Mirren is as brilliant as ever, but the whole cast is excellent.  This  film will run perfectly well on a Friday night on TV (it’s made by UK TV company Granada) but  it also is a good watch at the cinema. I am now looking forward to seeing The Black Dahlia. This is a noir adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel about two 1940s L.A. cops who head up the hunt for the killer of starlet Elizabeth Short. I also want to see Children of Men which a dystopian future film with Clive Owen.

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28 Sep


Originally uploaded by f8125.

I just love the complexity of shape and tone and colour in this picture. Lovely lovely lovely.

15 Sep

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

I am watching, have almost watched, Laputa: Castle in the Sky from Studio Ghibli. Like Kiki’s Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke this is a delightful and charming  animation.  I watched all  three on Film Four, now blissfully free if you can stand advertisments, which I can.

I’ve been getting back a good collection of medium format slides and negatives back from my feast of using the Fuji GA645zi. There’s nothing as great as a lovely MF slide, that you can hold up to the window and appreciate. With my scanner I can get some lovely and far too huge scans.

I also got back the roll of 120 6×6 that I put through the Zeiss Nettar I bought for 10 GBP in Shrewsbury. The results are quite soft, but that has a certain charm and I think I shall be shooting a few more rolls through the sweet folding bellows baby. Pics on flickr to follow.

Other than that I’m as cranky as hell.

04 Sep


I have recently watched two Studio Ghibli anime films on FilmFour and have revised my dismissive view. Princess Mononoke is simply the most sublime fantasy cartoon I have ever seen. Kiki’s Delivery Service is charming and captures the feel of France in the 50s. I have Laputa’s Castle In the Air stacked up to watch too.

One of my favourite anime films is Metropolis, the Japanese one..
This also captures a Belgian animation feel and despite it’s dystopian underworld and Elyssian above world, doesn’t feel at all like a cyber or steam punk genre film (which it isn’t).

I have a rather up and down experience with anime. I loved Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell and Akira, but there have been some very poor excuses for entertainment in between. It’s like a lot of niche genres, people get so excited that they lose all critical ability and recommend anything just because it’s Japanese and a cartoon for adults.

Which anime have you loved or hated?