07 Jul

Europe and the Summer

Well, mucho work on RETRACK project final Technical Annexe, several submissions on a tender on fuel efficiency with FM, but also a realisation that people are disappearing. It must be the summer vacation starting to roll across Europe. For those of you who’ve not worked on a pan European basis it’s a wave of holiday that sweeps across Europe. Each nation used to have a set ‘vacation’ when the whole country went away. In many ways this still holds true, altho there is more flexibility now than there used to be. In some ways more flexibility means that the months of vacation overlap but spread further. If you have multiple nations in your work then you can effectively bid goodbye to half of June and all of July and August. Since I haven’t taken a long summer vacation in some years (we do weekends and festivals instead) this means I have to shift to a different pace and style of work. Out come the books and journals I haven’t quite read and I can work in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee or juice and read. Well that’s the theory, this year I am doing quite a bit of UK bidding so that doesn’t stop, so we’ll see how it goes. One way or another, it’ been a hot couple of weeks and I feel summer is here.