27 Jun


I have finished the paper for the LRN conference. It’s amazing how many times you can write and rewrite something and yet when someone else proof reads it they find paragraphs that read like complete bollocks. I am making sure I send nothing to no-one unless Ann has gone over it in future. On a similar note I have rewritten and massively improved our forthcoming EPSRC bid, GANTT charts the whole lot. Need to navigate it through the various financial systems and submit it, but the people who run the systems at Newcastle seem very friendly and helpful so I am sure we can do it. I have started another smaller proposal to do some more work on a topic we did some stuff on earlier this year. I need to get a paper written to go towards my PhD as well. The bloody thing has been sitting in long hand in my drawer fpr 18 months now and god I don’t want to type it up. Off to a series of contract negotiations in Brussels and Delft over the next few days. Not sure whether to take a camera. One of my pix of Brussels ended up in the Schmap Brussels guide, but I am tired of photographing the city in the dying sunlight! I won’t get anytime outside in the sun either day.

We have ordered a fitted bedroom, whoo hoo! I have found a way to delete spambots from my BBS, woo hoo!