05 Jun


Just had a great weekend in Amsterdam with the missus. The weather wasn’t as good as back in the UK but it improved until we were in shirt sleeves by Sunday. We found a new Asian fusion restaurant overlooking the back of the Dam monument, but basically we had a chilled cafe culture time with nothing too taxing.

I have finished reading the new Deadlands Reloaded by Pinnacle. This roleplaying game is one that in the original incarnation passed me by completely so it was great to be surprised by it. Ken Hite, the great gamer writer and reviewer, noted recently that the twenty first century has been one of retreads and releases for roleplaying games. Deadlands is a great orginal game, and Ken is right, there have been too few of them recently, however much the re-issues have been fun.

Did no photography this weekend and in fact the year is going very poorly for photos! I did use the 50mm Canon lens that my neighbour got me from HK, I must post a few of those picture sometime.